Marketing Packages

In order to provide the best service for your company, I offer several marketing package opportunities through 40 Watt Podcast. You can see details for each package below. If you have questions, don’t feel like there’s a package that fits your needs, or you have an idea and want to collaborate as a means of showcasing your product, please reach out to me and we can discuss a package that fits your needs and budget.

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In-depth Reviews and Demos – $750

This style video, which can range from a short as 10 minutes to up to 30 minutes, is recommended for giving a broad and prepared overview of your product. For these reviews and demos I will spend considerable time with your product, fully getting to know it before crafting a video to talk about the use case for your product, the pros and cons, the type of player it might be suited for, and (as appropriate) will create a track/performance using the product.

Unboxing/First Impressions Videos – $400

Similar to the review video – these videos, which can range from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes, will highlight your product but will not involve the prior time getting familiar with your product. In these videos, your product will be unboxed and utilized immediately to get initial impressions.

Fun-Sized Demo! – $250

This video, which can range from 3 to 6 minutes, will feature your product in a short demo of sounds only with no review or opinion inserted. There will be on-screen text to describe function and multiple sound demonstrations.

Podcast Sponsor Spots – Varies

These sponsorship spots during the regular, weekly podcast are pre-recorded sponsorships that are inserted into the episode. These can be read by me or can be pre-recorded spots you provide. In the video version of the podcast they will include images that I can create or that you provide showing your product, logo, and other branded imagery.

Due to the conversational, interview nature of the 40 Watt Podcast, podcaster live read sponsorship spots are unavailable as they do not function well in the intended vision for the podcast.

Pre-roll sponsorship package:
– 30-60 second sponsor spot
– $75/week (5 weeks for $350)

Mid-roll sponsorship package:
– 30-60 second sponsor spot
– $100/week (5 weeks for $400)


In order to fully educate on the given product, I will be inserting my opinion and impression of the product. All pros and cons will be covered and manufacturing defects, problematic functions, and quality control issues will be pointed out in a video. I will not publish a video for a product that is damaged in shipping or suffers some other function limiting malady that is no fault of the original manufacturer without contacting them first to clear up the issue. I do not accept talking points or scripts. A preview of the video will be available before publication.

Any sent product is considered part of the compensation agreement and will be kept for a significant period of time for follow-up usage and demonstrations. Exceptions can be made in situations involving prototypes, items of particularly significant value, or extenuating circumstances. Those situations should be communicated prior to product being shipped.